Brewing Suggestions

  • Drip

    Why we love it: Nice and easy, yet you can still have a great cup of coffee. Perfect for brewing a pot of coffee and digging into the paper or a great book.

    Things to consider: You can modify your coffee by adjusting the grind, and coffee/water ratio.

    Ratio: 1:15 coffee to water ratio.


    Grind 80 grams of coffee (Medium). Adjust amount needed based on desired strenght and amount of water used.


    Step 1 - Add 32 oz (4 cups) of cool water to the water tank.

    Step 2 Add filter and ground coffee into the filter basket.

    Step 3 Press brew.

    Step 4 Enjoy/share 4 cups of delicious coffee.

  • Espresso

    Why we love it: Flexibility to create your drink of choice, from espresso, to Americano, and various milk/espresso creations. Once you fine tune the bean/grind/water ratio to your preference, the process is quick and quite enjoyable.

    Things to consider: The sky is the limit for the amount of money you can spend on an espresso machine. When you switch between beans/roast levels, some adjustment will be necessary. See "Help! My coffee is..." below.

    Ratio: 1:2 coffee to water ratio.


    Grind 20 grams of coffee (Fine/Very Fine) and put into your portafilter basket.

    Level and distribute grinds evenly throughout the basket. Consider using an espresso stirrer (or paper clip) to remove gaps.

    Tamp the coffee with approximately 15lbs of even and consistent pressure.


    Step 1 - Insert the basket into the grouphead and press the brew button.

    Step 2 - Stop the flow once you achieve your desired amount of espresso. If using 20 grams of coffee, you should reach 40 grams of espresso in 25-35 seconds.

    Step 3 - Enjoy your espresso (or go on to create your espresso based drink)!

  • AeroPress

    Why we love it: Quick, portable/lightweight, little paper waste. Great cup of coffee.

    Things to consider: One cup at a time, hands on brewing process, several pieces to keep track of between brews.

    Ratio: 1:10 coffee to water ratio.


    Grind 20 grams of coffee (Fine/Very Fine).

    Wet paper filter, this way it won't move around, before you put it on the cap that screws onto the bottom of the tube.

    Place you cup and Aeropress on your kitchen scale.

    Zero out the scale and add 20 grams of coffee.


    Step 1 - Add 40 grams of water and stir 5 times.

    Step 2 - Wait...over the next 30 seconds, let the coffee bloom (notice the bubbles).

    Step 3 - Add 160 grams of water and stir.

    Step 4 - Take everything off of the scale.

    Step 5 - Insert the plunger. Press down firmly, with the goal of finishing in 70 - 80 seconds.

    Step 6 - Enjoy your coffee!

  • V60 (Pour Over)

    Why we love it: Quick easy to set-up and clean. Results in a bright and acidic cup of coffee.

    Things to consider: Total brew time should be 2 1/2 to 3 minutes. If you are going long (short), use a coarser (finer) grind. Given this is a quicker extraction, care must be given to ensure proper grind and brew time (see "Help! My Coffee Tastes Sour" below.

    Ratio: 1:17 coffee to water ratio.


    Rinse your paper filter with hot water, this will remove the paper flavor, preaheat your carafe, and seal the filter to your V60.

    Pour out the water from your carafe.

    Grind 30 grams of coffee (Medium/Fine) and add to your v60 cone.


    Step 1 - Add 60 grams of water.

    Step 2 - Wait...over the next 30 seconds, let the coffee bloom (notice the bubbles).

    Step 3 - After 30 seconds, starting in the middle begin pouring while making a spiral motion toward the outside, stopping before you get to the filter. Do this step 2 more times.

    Step 4 - Pour water into the middle of the V60 until you reach the quantity of coffee you are trying to achieve.

    Step 5 - Wait until the coffee to stop dripping.

    Step 6 - Enjoy your coffee!

  • Tastes Sour

    With specialty coffee, this usually comes from under-extraction (the beans aren't brewed long enough).

    Fix Sour Coffee

    A) Grind your beans more finely

    B) Add some extra time to your brew

  • Is Bitter/Gritty

    Bitter tasting coffee often comes from stale coffee and/or over-extraction.

    Fix Bitter Coffee

    A) Use freshly ground coffee. If this isn't an option, then store ground coffee in a dark, airtight container.

    B) Use the right grind size. If too fine for your brew method, you will likely over-extract, resulting in a bitter taste.